On today’s anti-war rally and a response to Marc Cooper

Marc Cooper has a critique of the anti-war rally in DC, which he appropriately titles “Sorta Dumb.” Go here.

Here’s my little commentary in response:

Before I headed over to the anti-war march in SF, I looked at CNN’s website to see what was happening at the East Coast protests. Well, there was Jane Fonda face ‘representin’ as the top news story. I just wonder which ding-a-lings at the organizing meetings pushed her as a speaker. Can we name names?

SF had decent numbers but nowhere near as large (or rowdy) like the protests at the beginning of the war. We marched to a local labor struggle (http://alcatrazunion.com/), which all things considered was an intelligent connection to make IMO.

As far as the war goes in Iraq, I think putting a little Marx in our analysis might help. There is no way that the American capitalist class is going to leave and risk a likely spreading of the war into other countries. Not because of any concern for Middle Eastern lives, but because they don’t want chaos in the world’s oil region. Iraq might be in chaos but at this point its contained to a small region.

If enough pressure is asserted by the American public, we could expect some type of faux “retreat” to Kuwait or Kurdistsan or somewhere close by. There the US can set up base and jump back in and put a lid on things when and if necessary. Also the US will accomplish one of its goals in this war which is to maintain military bases in the region.

While I mostly agree with Marc here about the rally, I would disagree with thinking that the democrat party politicians on the whole are anything more than anti-war posers. Sorry I can’t offer any holistic solutions because the situation looks fucked.


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