Black/Latino conflict has been having some discussion on black and latino relations or divisions. Here’s my comment (check link for original post):

During the very recent swearing in ceremony of Oakland’s new (black) mayor Ron Dellums, a few of his black supporters yelled racial slurs at his mayoral race’s opponent (Latino) Ignacio De La Fuente.

Having worked in some different urban immigrant communities, my impression is that many immigrant Latinos, as well as Chinese, Vietnamese, Arab are simply scared of black people. Oakland is a city with serious out of control crime/violence and a lot immigrants to some degree blame black people as the problem. While there is a definetly anti-black sentiments within Latino immigrants, they are not the only group harboring them just the largest.

Different immigrants communities definetly don’t see themselves as some larger romantized people of color. They see themselves as Mexican, Salvadorean, Korean, Chinese etc.

By reading some of the comments here clearly there are some that want to throw on gasoline onto this sometimes below the surface conflict. I would suggest that a (working) class perspectve that emphasizes what people have to gain through crossracial/cultural solidarity is the only antidote.

The continued emphasis of narrow ethnic agendas (or identity politics) will get the exploited of the world nowhere, It’s too bad the some progressive intellectuals continue to walk around in this cul de sac. However, I think that BlackProf is doing the right thing in laying this problem on the table, despite all the knuckleheads that love to exploit these divisions.


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