Two critiques of “What’s the Matter with Kansas”

While I’ve liked Tom Frank’s journal “The Baffler”, I generally think his politics, which I’ll sum up simplistically as bringing back the New Deal via the democrat party, is going to go nowhere quick. While I’m all for the American left to have a lot more class-oriented politics, Frank’s economic populism ain’t the ticket. Here’s two writers who argue with Frank’s analysis from his book “What’s the Matter with Kansas”:

Larry Bartel’s “What’s the Matter with What’s the Matter with Kansas”

And from the recently deceased Ellen Willis “What’s the Matter with Tom Frank (and the lefties who love him)”


One Response to “Two critiques of “What’s the Matter with Kansas””

  1. Bitch | Lab Says:


    Yah. populism, i become convinced through some internet wars, is pretty dangerous.

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