Bitch Lab Hacked

In the very brief life of this blog, I have had exactly one (glorious) comment left here. That was from the blogger who does the blog Bitch Lab, which I would describe as a perpetually mouthy piece of left-wing feminism with a sex-positive punch.

Anyways I’ve posted a few comments over there, the last one supporting the idea of putting nails into the coffin of Leninism (as in Vladmir Lenin). It looked as though an argument was about to breakout between me and a leninist defender of Hezbollah and the Iraqi resistance. Unfortunately before I got to let loose a little diatribe, Bitch Lab went offline. Apparently some knucklehead who doesn’t like Bitch Lab decided to hack her website, by leveling a DoS attack (whatever that is) on her server.

That’s uncool!

So anyways here’s her blog. I think she might appreciate a donation, also.


4 Responses to “Bitch Lab Hacked”

  1. Nimue Says:

    what exactly has happened to her blog? Totally don’t get it. has she gone?

  2. drydock Says:

    Well, her blog is up but it seems that a lot of posts and stuff are missing.

  3. Preety Sidhu Says:

    yeah, i know, i’m such a conflicted person. wonder who’s fault that is

  4. drydock Says:


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