Danny Hoch and Seinfeld

We can chock up this post as another comment from the peanut gallery about the whole Seinfeld/Kramer/Michael Richards spectacle. In this linked video Danny Hock who, for better or worse puts his leftism to a hip hop beat, tells his experience of being asked to do a “Ramon the pool boy” character on the Seinfeld show.


I occassionally watched Seinfeld and thought it was funny in a meaningless sort of way, which is to say it wasn’t my favorite style of humor. Humor is pretty subjective and I guess my personal preference is for comedians who throw sometimes uncomfortable ideas into the audience’s lap. I guess I prefer people like Chris Rock, George Carlin, and certainly Richard Pryor who could make people squirm a bit. Borat made me laugh pretty hard and I did feel a little guilty at my enjoyment at the lack of compassion he showed for his victims. Anyways to each his own.


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