Oakland Murders and Milton Friedman

When it comes to talking negative about the recently departed, I’m generally for biting one’s lip. Uncle Milt, the world’s best known free market fundamentalist is probably an exception to the rule, but I’ll let others do that honor. As Johann Hari points out, Friedman probably got one thing right: the war on drugs is a failure. Friedman estimated that 10,000 homicides in the US are caused by drug prohibition. It’s no secret that the majority of Oakland homicides usually have drugs somehere in the mix of motivations. So while most of the advanced economies of the world move towards various policies of decriminalization and harm reduction, the US seems forever trapped in its failed policy. Even Mexico, who some might not think as progressive in terms drug policy, got within a presidential veto (with no small amount of pressure from Bush) of legalizing small amounts of drugs.

Anyways Johann Hari on Friedman’s slap down on the war on drugs:


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