Oakland Homicides 136, 137, 138

A family Thanksgiving gathering in North Oakland turned into a murder scene with 3 shot and killed with another person seriously injured. The names of the victims weren’t released and two suspects were arrested. The Oakland Trib has more:

For Oakland, 2006 has been a bloody year. Unacceptably bloody and obviously tragic for the victim’s loved ones. The record high homicide year in Oakland was 1992 with 175 murders. This year we’re nearly at that record pace. Apparently there has been a similar upturn in homicides in mid-size cities throughout the country. I haven’t read a convincing explaination for this murder spike though some speculative theories are floating around.

One pet theory I read back in an August edition of The Economist (only subscribers can view on line) they threwout two ideas: 1. Mid-size cities lack resources 2. Mid-size cities crime is more unorganized and therefore more violent. Nice ideas but they don’t really explain— why now? In Oakland there seems to be a youth angle, something like 25 teenagers have killed (at last sad count).

So is anybody doing anything about it? I’d like to write about it in future. And if anybody out there actually reads my first post here, pipe in.


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